Hakkımızda Görseli Gökçelik
Gökçelik Raf Hakkımızda

Gökçelik, since its inception in 1976, has produced shelf and display systems for the continuously growing Turkish retail and industrial sectors.

Our mission is to create storage & display systems that make our retail and industrial customers’ projects succeed. To achieve this, we work to the highest standards, offer competitive prices, and deliver on time.

Gökçelik Raf Misyonu
Gökçelik Raf Vizyonu

Our vision is of a continuously developing product by using technology, quality management and the best of human resources. But to ensure our competitiveness and market share increase, we put customer satisfaction first.

Therefore, to achieve its vision, Gökçelik’s company values are: Reliability
Continuous Development
The power of diversity

Gökçelik Raf Vizyon
Gökçelik Raf Hakkımızda

Today, the latest technologies employed at
Gökçelik’s 4 factories include: Integrated serial production
Customized & flexible production lines
Wide machine areas
Environmentally sensitive paint shops
Gökçelik, with every passing day, increases its market share
in Turkey and more than 50 countries worldwide.